Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
After over 10 years of product development, we have come up with the most comfortable bag you’ll ever wear.
A bag meant to keep you comfortable, organized, and hands free.
Engineered to provide you with the best weight distribution for your body so you almost forget that you’re wearing it.
Designed to snugly hug your body like a Koala, eliminating that annoying 'swing around or 'bag flop' while you move.
You no longer have to deal with the constant hassle of bags that slip off your shoulder or weigh you down.
The UkoalaBag keeps all your belongings organized, and within reach.
Our patented design benefits those with shoulder pain associated with arthritis and fatigue caused by large, heavy shoulder bags.
The UkoalaBag is great for all activities.
Motorcycle riders can now have their stuff held safely, right on their hip/thigh.
Concealed carriers can have a bag that securely holsters their weapon... discreetly.
Shopping and running errands can truly be a hands free experience.
You’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your bag somewhere, or bag theft again.
You can continue to wear it when you drive; everything is absolutely there beside you, right where you need it.
You can wear it and use the restroom without taking it off, by gently lifting the waist belt up a little.
You can wear it to a restaurant or bar, and you'll never worry about your bag being stolen, or forgetting it.
You can wear it to a festival, hold your drink, have fun, with no worry about losing your keys, or your wallet, your glasses, your phone...
You can wear it to Disneyland, and have a hands free, fun experience.
With great craftsmanship, and authentic material, our bags are top quality and it's uses are endless!
We love our product, so we take your feedback seriously when it comes to improving our design.
Thank you to all of our customers!