Our mission is to produce "The Best Little Bag on the Planet" and our goal is to always exceed your expectations.

After over 10 years of product development, we have designed the most comfortable bag you’ll ever wear. A bag meant to keep U comfortable, hands-free, and organized.

Engineered to provide U with the best weight distribution for your body so U almost forget that you’re wearing it. Designed to snugly hug your body like a koala, eliminating that annoying 'swing around' or 'bag flop' while U move. U no longer have to deal with the constant hassle of bags that slip off your shoulder or weigh U down.

Our patented design benefits those with shoulder pain associated with arthritis and fatigue caused by large, heavy shoulder bags.  

The Ukoala Bag keeps all your belongings organized, secure, and within reach. It's great for so many activities. For example:  

  • Motorcycle riders can now have their gear held safely, right on their hip or thigh.
  • Concealed carriers can have a bag that securely, yet discreetly, holsters their weapon.
  • Concert-goers no longer have to keep a hand and eye on purse-watching. Instead, they can enjoy the full concert experience.
  • Shopping and running errands can truly be a hands-free experience. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your bag somewhere, or bag theft again.
  • Drive without fumbling for necessities. Everything is at your fingertips, right when U need it.
  • Fashionably wear it to a restaurant or bar, and you'll never worry about your bag being stolen or forgotten.
  • Theme parks and festivals can be enjoyed hands-free instead of wearing bulky, less secure backpacks. Hold your phone, bottled water, sunscreen, tickets and other valuables. 
  • No need to unclip your bag in the restroom.  Simply lift the waist belt up and keep your bag safe, clean and secure.
  • Anywhere you're on the go, have fun, with no worry about losing your keys, wallet, glasses, or phone. Instead, have easy access as needed to those items. 

    With great craftsmanship and authentic material, our bags are top quality and its uses are endless! We love our product and know U will too.

    Thank U to all of our customers who trusted in our design and promise, and are now life-long UKoalaBag lovers!