KYDEX Rigid Molded Holster Velcro® Backed




PLEASE NOTE!! ALL KYDEX HOLSTERS ARRIVE SEPARATELY FROM YOUR BAG Please allow THREE to FOUR WEEKS for Kydex Holster delivery.  ALL ORDERS FINAL PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY!! These will also have a separate tracking number. 

All Kydex holsters are made to order so returns are limited to warranty issues only. All holsters have a lifetime warranty for repair/replacement. No refunds on holsters are permitted since they are made to order. Please choose your LEFT or RIGHT hand draw CAREFULLY as well as specific model of CCW. Once you do this, you will have the best retention system for CCW on the market... hands down.  

Have your weapon engage our retention system, and securely 'click'  into place. The Kydex is heated, and vacuum pressurized, around your exact models mold. This creates recessed pressure points such as trigger guard, that will allow your weapon to 'click' into its' secure grip, as strong as a KoalaBear grips a tree.  

Our top quality KYDEX 100® Holster, available in over 400 popular models CCW, attaches to the internal Velcro system of any UkoalaBag, in its main compartment. Some models have two compartments to choose from. 

Although Kydex is available in a wide variety of colors, we recommend the FDE (Flat Dark Earth) top/black base for the strong contrast it delivers when inside your UkoalaBag allowing for a visually simple re-holstering. 

-Vivamus dolor, trahere ieiunium! 

(Live smart always, but if necessary...draw extremely fast.) 


Full list of CCW models.

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