UkoalaBag Warranty

UkoalaBag stands behind it's products 100%. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction, and easy communication through excellent customer service.

UkoalaBag, Inc. asks that all requests for returns, or replacement of broken or incorrectly ordered items for exchange, be submitted by email. Please contact customer service and provide a full description for determination of exchange, repair or full replacement. A Return Authorization # will be provided and must be used for properly processing your request. All warranty requests will be immediately addressed. Should the exchange be determined to be based on your request and not our error, the refund will not include return shipping. Shipping on all warranty issues, our errors on our behalf, will be covered, no problem. 

Many companies issue an impossible 'limited lifetime warranty' that goes something like this:

“Returned merchandise must be unworn, unwashed, with tags attached, and in the original product packaging. All returns must be also be accompanied by the original packing list. Requests for returns (RA#'s) must be obtained within 5 days of receipt of the item for potential return.”

lol. Ya right.

It seems that this would pretty much exclude 99% of legitimate returns. How can someone possibly meet all these conditions? They can't, unless they buy a bag and just look at it, untouched, unused, and save all the paperwork and packaging.

Who does that...?

Exactly our thoughts.


At UkoalaBag, returned merchandise must meet only one condition; that it be an authentic UkoalaBag. It may be worn. It may be washed. It may have the original tags, or no tags attached. It may be in the original product packaging or by its cute, yet fierce, little self! Use it to your hearts content... If it fails, it's covered. It would be great if you have the original packing list but we understand that you are human just like us, so if you misplace it... no problem. Our product is easy enough to identify as an authentic UkoalaBag; and UkoalaBags are covered against broken or problematic zippers, buckles, hardware, faulty stitching or spontaneous combustion. They only thing we don't cover is if your jumping a barbed-wire fence and ya snag and rip it.

Requests for returns (RA#'s) must be obtained within 5 days of receipt of the item for potential return. Nah... scratch that. Just send us the registered bag; our bags just get better with age, and will be repaired, or patched up and given to a lucky recipient or one of our donation programs.

Registering Your Bag for It's Warranty:

Simply take a picture with you and your bag in clear view. Include your name, address, the phone number you want on file  and email it to us at: bagregistration@ukoalabag.com



1. Send an email with 'Return Request' in the subject field. Please provide the following info in the email:  

Your name.

Order number, if you have it. 

Indicate if you'd like to return or exchange.

Reason (any is fine, just need to log it). 

2. If you want to exchange and it's not an error on our behalf, just include $10 for shipping and it' handled. Money order, a tenner, cashiers check or call it in. 

3. Send it to us. Cheapest way to ship is buy a padded envelope at the USPS and ship standard to:  (Adding insurance would be smart).

UkoalaBag Returns

3316-A South Cobb Drive

Suite 365

Smyrna, GA



Thank you for being a part of the movement. We truly appreciate you!

Live Fierce