$ 128.88 - $ 148.88
RADIATE ELEGANCE. The Phoenix is one of our favorite EDC/CCW concealed-carry holster bags due to its high-quality build and design. Made using ultra high-quality, light-weight (yet stout!), textured, water-resistant nylon with a sophisticated design including antique and vintage, muted brass smoking buckle and hardware, the Phoenix bag portrays an intense, rustic feel - built tough to last, like a bag should be. Check out the difference between the compact and standard Phoenix. Plus, create your own look with the exchangeable front cover flap! Find the perfect style with our available exchangeable front covers. IDEAL FOR: Concealed Carriers, Travelers, Minimalists, Motorcyclists, Everyday Use, Shopping, Horseback Riding A removable holster system is available (sold separately) for use in either of the two separate, and distinct compartments. The Phoenix features a quick-draw, covered or hand-breach design. The main compartment accommodates all our detachable holster systems with a full-size hand gun. The secondary compartment accommodates most larger handguns without the need for...