$ 128.88 - $ 148.88
BOAST CONFIDENCE. This in-demand bag is one of our most popular styles and comes in two sizes – compact and standard. The Wrangler was designed to be durable and comfortable, constructed in distressed 100% cotton canvas on the outside and silky, reliable, and long-lasting linen on the inside. (Certain colors have a 45% cotton canvas/55% linen mix.) The Wrangler features a vintage look and feel with antique, muted buckle and hardware highlights and is great for any adventure with the need for a strong, durable, and super-protected hands-free bag. Go ahead - be a wrangler! As with all Ukoala Bags, the interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Wrangler’s two adjustable straps make for an easy and comfortable fit, with the belt-leg strap adding an extra level of security. All of our bags are also made to accommodate an optional detachable holster system (sold separately). IDEAL FOR: Everyday Wear, Shopping, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Fashion, Events, Travel. Wrangler is available...
Little Joey
$ 45.00
Inspired by the design of our award-winning Ukoala Bag, our long-awaited fuzzy friend, Little Joey, is now in stock and available for anyone who loves Ukoala and a true koala hug! He's cute, cuddly, and will love you and your family forever! 🐨 Little Joey is made of faux fur fabric, and has his own pocket that will carry small items such as your phone, ID, a little cash, or whatever you want to stash.
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For 2017 line (Note: on back order, expected back in inventory in late summer) ADDITIONAL BACKPACK STRAP/WAIST BELT  Add one of these to any UkoalaBag to use your bag as a backpack, messenger bag, or to tweak your current waist belt length.  The length of the belt: 22"-50", will fit the waist size from 17"-56"