$ 128.88 - $ 148.88
BOAST CONFIDENCE. This in-demand bag is one of our most popular styles and comes in two sizes – compact and standard. The Wrangler was designed to be durable and comfortable, constructed in distressed 100% cotton canvas on the outside and silky, reliable, and long-lasting linen on the inside. (Certain colors have a 45% cotton canvas/55% linen mix.) The Wrangler features a vintage look and feel with antique, muted buckle and hardware highlights and is great for any adventure that warrants the need for a strong, durable, and super-protected hands-free bag. Go ahead - be a wrangler. As with all Ukoala Bags, the brown interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Wrangler’s two adjustable straps make for an easy and comfortable fit with multiple configuration wear options (cross-body, over-the-shoulder, belt-leg wrap, and backpack). All of our bags are also made to accommodate an optional detachable holster system (sold separately). IDEAL FOR: Everyday Wear, Shopping, Hiking, Horseback Riding,...
$ 178.88 - $ 188.88
WALK CONFIDENT. The Yeti, spawned from its sibling, the Phoenix, but is made with 12 Ann Waxed Canvas, which has the strength and durability of canvas, but extremely resistant! One of our favorite EDC/CCW concealed-carry holster bags due to its high-quality build and design, it includes a sophisticated design including antique and vintage, muted brass smoking buckle and hardware, portraying an intense, rustic feel - built tough to last, like a bag should be. Learn the difference between the standard and the expanded Yeti bags. IDEAL FOR: Concealed Carriers, Travelers, Minimalists, Motorcyclists, Everyday Use, Shopping, Horseback Riding The Yeti is also equipped with a mesh back to prevent sweating, a hidden back pocket, a single front pouch (made to fit any size phone), and side pocket for accommodating pepper-spray, a knife, a flashlight, or a multi-use tool. Plus, create your own look with the exchangeable front cover flap! Find the perfect style with our...