$ 9.99
This holster can be attached to the Velcro® LOOP internal velcro system of the gun compartment of any Ukoala Bag. The cant and position can easily be adjusted to custom-fit any weapon size and draw preference. Available in nylon Size: Adjustable from 3.5” to 4.75” diameter
$ 349.99
RIDE BOLD. PRE-ORDER NOW! Available early 2019.  This bag is rough and ready! The Cowboy is made from genuine, top-quality leather for a distinct, edgy, yet vintage western look that is perfect for conceal-carry and the dual-pocket front allows for extra organization. During production, the exclusive washing and drying process makes it look like it's been to hell and back! IDEAL FOR: Motorcyclists, Concealed Carriers, Everyday Wear, Event Attendance, Dog Walking, Travelers As with all Ukoala Bags, the brown interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Cowboy's two adjustable straps make for an easy and comfortable fit with multiple configuration wear options (cross-body, over-the-shoulder, belt-leg wrap, and backpack). All of our bags are also made to accommodate an optional detachable holster system (sold separately). Cowboy is available in the following colors in our top-quality leather: Black Stallion Saddle Included With Cowboy Purchase: Leather belt keeper (to contain any excess...
$ 18.88
ADDITIONAL WAIST BELT for 2018 line. Notice: COPPER HARDWARE The waist belt: 18"-47" The extension: 12"-19"  
$ 24.88
Fits Phoenix- Compact  Let you create an individual look. Also functions as a small hand purse. Compact available in 4 design options; Standard available in 5 design options Exchangeable cover design can be used as a small hand purse when folded and connected with a magnetic closure. Features two zippered pockets Can be removed from Dragon back and used as a wristlet. Designed for exchanging with any convertible-style removable faces
Ukoala Gift Card
$ 25.00 - $ 200.00
Get a Ukoala gift card for the one you love!
$ 11.99
Good things come in small packages... Total hands-free experience! Use this small, intelligent, device to hold your water bottle by attaching to the D-ring, or belt.  Leather in black or brown to match your Ukoala Bag.  Gulp.
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For 2017 line ADDITIONAL BACKPACK STRAP/WAIST BELT  Add one of these to any UkoalaBag to enter the back pack realm. You can also tweak your current waist belt length.  The length of the belt: 22"-50", will fit the waist size from 17"-56" 
Mayan send to Jerry-LEATHER Gun Holster Velcro® Backed
$ 29.99 $ 49.99
Note: All holster orders arrive separately from your bag order. Please allow about 7-10 days for leather holster delivery.   Have our leather holster system protect your baby, like a Koala protects theirs.  Our leather holster is another great option for keeping your weapon in place, its' finish protected, an the trigger covered. This rugged, thick, leather is as nice as it gets. Available in LEO Black or Natural Tan.  Forms to your weapon after repeated use You DO NOT need to remove the holster when using your UkoalaBag for airport travel, festivals, events, or non-carry days (yes, apparently they do exist), as our leather holsters close on their own, flat enough to forget they're there. Size: Small: Fits small frame guns such as a Body Guard, a Shield or or most other small .380s. Large: Fits most every large frame gun like Glock 22, GP100, 1911 , etc...          Live smart always, but...
Extreme Comfort Ergo-Belt - LONG-hide
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Advanced Curved Belt Design (CBD)  for the best weight distribution.  This advanced belt design is top notch. Riveted eyelets on the side of the belt allow you to incorporate our water bottle holder, or any carabiner based system, directly to the belt. Two, to three, bottles of water may be added to the side of the belt with ease, with naturally balanced weight distribution. A very useful addition to any theme-park excursion with children, music festival with your peeps, or peaceful hike by you self. You may also use this belt to tweak your current waist belt length.  Belt length: 22"-50" Will fit a waist size of 17"- 56" 
Belt Extender for 2017 line(VINTAGE SILVER HARDWARE)
$ 6.99
Feeling like you need a little extra in the waist or cross body? How does an extra 16" of length to any belt sound?  Available in chocolate brown. All colors will be available soon.
$ 10.00
Required: Type your RA# in the Order Notes during check out. If you've decided that you'd like a different color, size, or model, just because you can, no problem. Just send us back the one you want to exchange and pay $10 here. We'll get 'er sent as soon as we get the one your breaking up with.    It's ok... we all make mistakes. ; ) 
Leg Strap-2018 Line
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Leg strap: up to 31 inches.